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10th-May-2012 09:23 am - Sticky post
Pigg Ruki

✚ You are allowed to post about ANYTHING Pigg related. Please don't spam the community though.
✚ If you have questions, please explain yourself as clearly as possible. Screenshots are very welcome!
✚ Please post questions in a new entry, since they wouldn't be answered in older entries otherwise.
✚ If you make a new entry, please tag it correctly.
✚ Please put huge pictures (bigger than 500x500 under a cut).


General tipps & tricks

★ -

General tipps & tricks

- If you have a 100%-item like a golden axe or a special glove, use it for the very last stroke, because you will get two rare items (this only works for material that is not five-minute-limited)

If you do this during a happy time you will even get 4 rare items in one go!

★ -


New game:

Pigg Café

Open: 2012.08.16

Useful Community Links:
- Introduction post
- Beginner's guide
- Q&A Master Post

Here are some other useful links:
- Pigg Café Staff Blog
- Pigg Café Wiki
19th-Aug-2014 10:21 pm - Pigg World
Where do I get these?
18th-Aug-2014 06:04 pm - pigg world


you can buy those eggs etc in the supermarket.
pigg farm

Can anyone help with the first line of this quest? I know the second line is water friend's pink daisies, the last one is water your own. I tried to get a friend to water mine and it didn't work. @___@ Help! Please, and thank you!
5th-Aug-2014 02:38 pm(no subject)
how to get this?

thank you

25th-Jul-2014 06:28 pm(no subject)
how to finish this? thank you :3

6th-Jul-2014 05:39 pm - Help Please!

How can i get this?
Please someone help me!

3rd-Jul-2014 08:03 pm - [Help] Pigg Island
How do i do the first one, Help me please.. I'm stuck!!!

3rd-Jul-2014 09:52 pm(no subject)
where can I get this bottle?
3rd-Jul-2014 12:43 pm - Glass
How do I get the glass bundles needed to make the glass square in Pigg Island?
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