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10th-May-2012 09:23 am - [sticky post] Sticky post
Pigg Ruki

✚ You are allowed to post about ANYTHING Pigg related. Please don't spam the community though.
✚ If you have questions, please explain yourself as clearly as possible. Screenshots are very welcome!
✚ Please post questions in a new entry, since they wouldn't be answered in older entries otherwise.
✚ If you make a new entry, please tag it correctly.
✚ Please put huge pictures (bigger than 500x500 under a cut).


[General tipps & tricks]
General tipps & tricks

★ -

[General tipps & tricks]
General tipps & tricks

- If you have a 100%-item like a golden axe or a special glove, use it for the very last stroke, because you will get two rare items (this only works for material that is not five-minute-limited)

If you do this during a happy time you will even get 4 rare items in one go!

★ -


New game:

Pigg Café

Open: 2012.08.16

Useful Community Links:
- Introduction post
- Beginner's guide
- Q&A Master Post

Here are some other useful links:
- Pigg Café Staff Blog
- Pigg Café Wiki
16th-Nov-2015 10:47 am - PiggLife
Can anyone help me with this?

12th-May-2015 09:24 am - candy to gummy
how come it won't convert? I have enough candies. someone please translate! thank you!~
2nd-Apr-2015 11:59 pm - could anyone???
could ayone help translate these for me, or tell me what they all say

just the ones i marked in red please
31st-Mar-2015 09:20 pm - need to help on campaign??
could anyone explain what i am supposed to do here?

14th-Mar-2015 06:30 pm - where to get?
would anyone know where i can get this or is it from campagin/event?

22nd-Dec-2014 06:48 pm - What to do?

How to do it? I don't know.
12th-Dec-2014 01:28 pm - question!
In Life, if i decide i don't want my barn/farm animal area and i decide to put it away/pick it up, does that erase all my animals? :|
2nd-Dec-2014 06:48 pm - Help???
what do i do here, please help me anyone?

17th-Nov-2014 02:30 pm - [PIGG LIFE] HELP
lay, changsha prince, yixing, exo-m
Anyone knows how to do it?

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