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After a trial period of two weeks, Pigg Café has officially opened today! ^_^

You can reach the game at


Now, as I have already promised, we have prepared a little something for you, so that the beginning of the game will be a little easier for everyone who doesn't understand Japanese, and we also tried to already discover some tipps and tricks, etc etc.

Pigg Café Beginner's Guide [pdf]

Please note that this guide has been written during the trial period and that some things may have already changed now that the game is officially open!
Please also note that some opinions I have written in this guide are subjective and that you don't have to agree with them at all!

The beginners guide is veeery basic, since I also didn't have much time to get into the game. There is a guide in Japanese on the staff blog now which describes things in more detail and which also describes things that I have left out entirely. I may or may not add these things to the guide in the future.

Should the above link to the guide not work, please tell me and I will upload it to Mediafire.
If you find any grave mistakes or something like that, please also tell me!! >_< I'll try my best to correct them!

For anything NOT on the guide right now, we will create a Pigg Café Q&A Master Post. So, whenever you don't know how a quest works, or what a feature is for, you can post there (and please ONLY there). We will gather all answers to the comments in this post so that everyone who may have the same question can find the answer there :3

Oh, and of course, we will also create a tag for "pigg cafe", so please use this one from now on for anything Café related :3

By the way, until the 21st the number of people who can register at cafe still seems to be limited, so if you want to start quickly, make sure to do it soon ^-^

OK, and now, please have fun with the new game!! ^__^
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