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Hi everyone!
Since there have been a lot of questions about PIGG in general, we decided to create an FAQ entry to answer them~
We don't know whether we can satisfy all of you, but we'll try our best! :D

If you still have questions, please ask them in a new entry! ^_^

#1 How do you know which persons gave you a gupiggu?

Look here at number 5. If you click on that link, a list of the people who
gave you a guppigu will appear.

#2 How do you minimize yourself?

Just enter /min in the chatbox.

#3 How do you set up your profile?

1. Here you can enter a short text to describe yourself or whatever. It's limited to 45 characters.
2. "Who is allowed to enter you room? x Everyone. x PIGG friends. x Nobody"
3. "Do you accept friends requests? x Yes. x No."
4. "Do you want to display your online status? x Yes. x No."
5. "Do you want to receive messages? x Yes. x No."
6. Click to save
7. Here you can change your pigg's face parts etc. But it will cost you AME.

#4 What are petas?

Petas are not really related to pigg, but well, they're part of ameba :D
You can find them on someone's ameblo. So if you have a pigg friend who gives you a peta, you should just give them one back! :D With this you show them, that you've visited their blog. I don't think that there's really more to peta than that.

#5 How do I add a PIGG friend? (PIGG tomo)

Look here at 9 and then at C. So, then go to your pigg and click on that button! XD
There you have 4 columns.
In the first column you can see who's your PIGG tomo.
In the second one you can search for your PIGG tomos. Just enter their ameba ID.
In the third column, you can see who wants to be friend with you (top) and your own friends requests (bottom). Click the pink button if you want to accept a friends request.
In the fourth column you can see the messages that you have received.

So, now if you have found a person you want to add to your friends, click on their pigg to see their profile.

There you've got this picture and a link next to it. Click on it. There you can enter a message (limited to 30 characters) and click on the pink button if you want to send the request.
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