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About AmeGold

Some days ago somebody on poupee_girl post an explanation about AmeG. Since there were a few of you, who asked about it, I just commented there if we could use this text here. Hopefully it'll help you!
So here you go!! ^0^

Text is by pocket_girl (
I've copied it from this entry

"Not really a FAQ, but i will try to explain amegold system.

How to register in ameblo!
I found some faq here (
but it is for old ameblo's design.

Amegold is a currency of ameba blog - ameblo's "ribbons".
You can buy presents for your friends or use them for your pigg (new ameblo poupee-ish chat room, with dressing ups and such)
You can buy amegolds for real money or get them through blog activities.

There are some ways to get amegolds, but for most of them, you need japanese mobile address/phone or have to pay real money.

- buy amegolds (by real money, not our option, you may able to buy them with your mobile phone, again...)
- invite new users (150 amegolds for a user, 5 users per month). But both you and your friends must have japanese mobile address
- register at sponsor site. most of them need money (100-1000 yen/month), but sometimes there are free offers! they can expire, so check them carefully.
 again, japanese mobile needed

- check the bear lottery everyday! no need to know japanese!! just click there everyday. One chance a day to get 5 amegolds.
Sometimes, even if you lost, there is an AD, you may click on it and get 1-2 amegold!

just search for the little black bear icon under your photo and profile.
like this - >

it was pretty nice few months ago, but lately it is amost useless.
but still, if you try enough, you can get some amegolds.

almost unreal ways (even for japanese advanced)

- get to the ameblo ranking
. you have to have popular blog with a lot of readers, but it may be not that popular, but to be in the rare category.
- write reviews on the some products (again, in japanese) - not my option again, i don't want to lose my readers.
- participate in tie-ups (never tried it, gotta read more from now)

Sometimes there are some campaigns, like you subsribe to read some blog and getting 10 amegolds every month.
I've got some this way too."
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