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Home screen

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Old home screen

World Map

Exchange things


With the small "tools" you can make items instantly! you can also make wood and stone blocks which you can use for bigger items with the machines. The machines can take up a long time when creating items.

You can see how big something will be before you make it:

If you have enough basic items and wonder why you cannot create another item with them, you've probably put them on your island.

Coins - At the moment you won't get any old coins!!

You can collect coins by fulfilling quests or helping other piggs. There are "old coins" which you can collect when you're collecting wood or stones etc. They only appear during a limited time though! You can collect them till May 21!! So collect a lot of them as long as you can!


Pretty self explanatory ^O^ The stuff is really expensive since you can't collect that many coins ;;"

Enlarge Island

You need sand bags in order to enlarge your island! In order to exchange sand bags, you need to visit Queen Nakururu and give her green stamps. Then you can enlarge your island in the rearranging room menu. Just like in Pigg Life you will have to pay a nice sum of money too, and it gets more with each parcel.

お手伝い [O-tetsudai] -> helping other piggs

The tetsudai function is not as obvious in Pigg Island as it is in Pigg Life. Whereas you help other piggs to harvest more plants in Pigg Life, you help them here to finish items more quickly!

We're not really surehow the system works... sometimes when we tried to see how much time it reduced, it didn't reduce any at all >_> But sometimes it will take away more than an hour! It probably depends on the item and on how long it still takes to finish.
Oh and you can collect sixty 10 coins a day! This makes 600 coins in one day!

Rearrange your island

The system is very different from Pigg Life. You don't rearrange every item one by one, you now have a central menu where you can rearrange, revolve and tidy up your things. There's also a new function: "Tidy up everything". Please take care with this function! It will also remove your machines, whether they're currently in use or not! Your items will disappear if you remove your machines!!

>> Part II
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