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ameba_pigg's Journal

Ameba Pigg
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Welcome!! This community was created for everyone who's playing ameba pigg! You can post news, tutorials or cries for help whenever you got lost in the huge pigg universe!

For those who can read and understand Japanese, you can find the official PIGG FAQ of Ameba here: official FAQ

Please only post a new entry if you can't find the question to your answer in one of the entries below!
★ How do I get my own PIGG? ★
- Step 1
- Step 2
- Step 3
★ About clubs ★
★ Casino guide ★
- Mini Baccarat
- Roulette
- Blackjack
- Slot Machine
★ For more answers look here: ★
- General Questions
- Actions/Emoticons
★ Pigg Life ★
★ Pigg Island ★
★ Pigg Café ★
Likely to be released in July
★ Pigg World ★
Likely to be released in August
★ How do I get AmeGold in order to buy stuff? ★
You need to have a credit card in order to buy AmeGold.
Please note: there are several currencies on PIGG!
1. AME アメ (FREE main currency)
2. Tsuri-P つりP (FREE currency for fishing)
3. Casino$ カジノ$ (currency you need to play the casino)
4. AmeGold アメG (has to be bought with real money)
5. In Pigg Life: Life Coins
6. In Pigg Island: Coins

Please tag your entries with the following tags:

! help - for questions that don't match any of the other tags
amegold - for questions/info about ameG (look here first)
areas - questions/info about specific areas
campaign - for campagins
casino - questions/info about the casino (look here first: #1 ; #2 ; #3 ; #4)
challenge card - Info about the challenge card
club - questions/info about clubs (look here first: #1 ; #2 ; #3)
codes - codes like /heart - look here first
discussion - for discussions about various topics
dress up - questions/info about pigg fashion
event - about events on pigg, life, and island
fishing - questions/info about the fishing space (look here first: #1)
furniture - questions/info about furniture
mini games - questions or tips about minigames
my room - Info about My Room
news - for news
pets - question about pets
pigg island - for everything regarding pigg island
pigg life - for everything regarding pigg life
registration - problems with your registration?
scratch cards - show off what you got or ask questions!
shop - questions/info about all kind of shops
staff blog - staff blog translations
tutorial - how to...

-- new tags [2012.05.10]
pigg island

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